A Pizza Oven is Born from an Unlikely Parent

Garzio Oven

Hotfoil-EHS manufactures and sells stainless steel shelving and other restaurant equipment. However, the Hamilton-based firm's core business is its heat-treating and industrial heating equipment and furnaces.

A local pizza shop asked a Hotfoil-EHS sales rep to create a rolling cart to make their pizza oven easier to move. The sales rep thought it'd be an even better idea to make the whole oven. Thus, the birth of the Garzio Oven.

The Garzio Oven gets its name from a valued employee, Frank Garzio. Garzio worked as a fabricator and welder and assisted Hotfoil-EHS in establishing its welding and fabrication shop.

While traditional wood-burning oven construction includes brick, clay, ceramic, or stone, the Garzio Oven uses heavy-duty food-grade bricks for the cooking surfaces, along with a very thick, strong grade of steel, which distinguishes it from a multitude of other designs. Also, its mobility, flexibility, and ease of use are essential for any potential customer, whether for a restaurant or home use. 

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If you're interested owning a Garzio Oven, contact Hotfoil-EHS by calling 609-588-0900 or visit www.garziooven.com.