Demand Pulse MIG Welding

Demand Pulse MIG Welder
Demand Pulse MIG Welder
(courtesy of Aftek-EHS)

Demand Pulse is possible because of the MOSFET, an extremely fast electronic switch. Using constant current DC power, a wire is fed into the arc zone. As the wire approaches the work, the voltage drops as a function of the arc length. At a pre-selected arc voltage (usually 15 volts), the MOSFET fire a pulse of current to expel the tip of the wire across the arc gap. This current is supplied by means of a parallel resistor in the main current control circuit and is generally 100 amps. Switching time is measured in nanoseconds, and the total cycle time is very short, perhaps 15 nanoseconds. An inductor is not required, nor desired, since fast switching is essential. Perfectly tuned, the pulse cycles 200 times per second or slightly less.

The arc looks and sounds like “short-arc”, but a close look will show that there is no short-circuit. The arc length is from .020” to .090”, very short compared to GMAW-P done with conventional machines. This short arc length, combined with the short duration of the pulse, and the low current required to effect transfer gives a total arc “heat” far below that of either short-circuit transfer, or conventional GMAW-P. Fusion is excellent, because the arc never goes “out”.

Below is a demo video using this technology on 18 gauge stainless steel, without any burn through.

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