Electric Heating Systems for Power Generation Baghouse and Precipitator Hoppers

Pluggage of flyash collection hoppers due to flue condensation is an expensive and unnecessary problem. Type HB Heating Module systems are specifically designed to eliminate the maintenance nightmare of hopper pluggage.

The HB Heating Module system is designed to provide low watt density heat spread over the maximum surface area available for heating. Uniform heating is essential to avoid cold spots, especially near the hopper throat where fly ash pluggage is most prevalent and problematic. To obtain maximum heater coverage, both rectangular and trapezoidal heaters are available to provide the most effective and efficient application of heat.

Most flyash hoppers are designed with poke tubes, manways, and cylindrical throats. As supplemental equipment we can include custom built flexible heating blankets for these problem areas which become integrated with the HB Module system to provide the ultimate in uniform heat distribution.