Welding Application Note: Demand Pulse Technology Saves Three Weeks Production Time

Demand Pulse technology
welder (courtesy of Aftek EHS)
Demand Pulse is a unique, patented welding process. Because of the low peak current, open butt pipe welds are easier in all positions.

Short arc and pulsed spray both have peak currents in the 375+ amp range, and are at peak many times longer than the Demand Pulse process.

With Demand Pulse, welding current and volts are similar to those seen when “short-arc” welding, but there are NO short-circuits - the arc never goes out, and cold laps are almost impossible.

Demand Pulse allows for the use of very light torches, and still experience extremely long tip life. A 140 amp hand torch will not overheat running 200 amps on overlay work. Its even been reported that some customers only use one tip per week with Demand Pulse,  as opposed to several per day using conventional welders.

The first two pictures below are of an initial job done by a new customer using Demand Pulse MIG. The large skids pictured have (580) open butt, 316 SS pipe welds. The smaller manifold shown has (24) welds, for a grand total of (604) welds.

Only two qualified welders worked on this demanding job. They tested other types of equipment, all with unsatisfactory results. Then, after testing a Demand Pulse system, a good coupon was produced on just the second try, so the customer purchased a system and production started immediately upon delivery.

Astoundingly, the job was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, saving the fabricator 1600 hours of production. Most importantly, there wasn't a single repair required, and all welds passed 100% X-ray to ASME Code.

Large skids with 580 welds, all open butt 316 pipe.

Small manifold with 24 welds.

After experiencing Demand Pulse, this customer commented he'll never use anything else and that the welder paid for itself on the first job.

Below are close-ups of two of the welds on the large skid. The customer insisted on TIG wash on the cap. The TIG cap had 7 repairs - welds using Demand Pulse needed NO repairs.

TIG welds need 7 repairs.

Demand Pulse required 0 repairs.

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