Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hotfoil EHS Provides "The Heat" for Strong, New Tappan Zee Bridge

welding heat treating
The Tappan Zee Bridge stretches over the Hudson River and connects South Nyack, NY with Tarrytown, NY. The original bridge, completed in 1955, was only intended to last 50 years. Construction on a new, $3.9 billion replacement bridge started in 2013 and is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Hotfoil EHS is working closely with the bridge contractors supplying welding heat treating equipment. Large metal structures, such as bridge supports, pilings, and girders need careful pre-heating and post heating to ensure strong, lasting welds. Contractors on the Tappan Zee Bridge specified Hotfoil EHS power consoles, electric heaters, and thermocouples for their welding heat treating requirements.

welding heat treating
Clam shell heater.
Here are photos from the pre-heating of piling welds. The applications uses "clam shell" heaters with magnetic thermocouples. The clam shell heaters are named that because of their hinged design, making it easy to place them around large, round workpieces. The magnetic thermocouples are very convenient because the magnets keep them firmly in place and are quick to remove.

welding heat treating
Close-up of heater fastener.
A Hotfoil 6-way (six zones) power console is used to control the temperature of the workpiece by controlling the power provided to the clam shell heaters.

For more information, visit http://www.hotfoilehs.com.

welding heat treating
Piling with clam shell heater and
thermocouples installed.

welding heat treating
6 Way Power Console