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Hotfoil Hopper Heater and Control Systems

hopper heater control system
Hopper heater control system
Here's a short video showing Hotfoil's capabilities in engineering, designing, and applying hopper heaters and control systems used in power plant applications.

All Hotfoil products are made in the USA at Hotfoil's Hamilton, NJ manufacturing facility.

Hotfoil products include:
  • Type HB Hopper Heating Modules
  • Type FRP Heating Panels
  • Type ELP Heating Panels
  • Type GA Heating Blankets
  • Type HSR / HSRX Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • Type PCW and SRC Heating Cable
  • Type MI Metal Sheathed Heating Cable
  • Tank Heating Controls
  • Hopper and Chute Heater Controls
  • Heat Control Systems for Hazardous Areas
  • Baghouse & Precipitator Hopper Heaters
  • Heaters for Coal Handling Chutes, Silos, & Conveyors
  • Tank Heating: Steel, Stainless Steel, Poly & Fiberglass
  • Heating Blankets For Conical Hoppers
  • Pipe Tracing - Constant Wattage & Self Limiting
  • Tote Heating with Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • FRP Heated Fiberglass Totes

Prevent Flash Freezing in Hygroscopic Aggregate, Mined or Quarried Materials with FRP Heaters

FRP heater for freeze prevention
FRP heaters installed
(click for larger view)
When aggregate material with trace amounts of absorbed water comes into contact with very cold metal surfaces, the aggregate can instantaneously freeze, a phenomena know as “flash freezing”. When wet or frozen material encounters steel chutes or hoppers at sub-freezing temperatures, an instantaneous bond is formed. This bond causes immediate and often catastrophic blockage of the hopper and chutes. The bond and resultant blockage can be severe enough to require pneumatic drilling equipment to free up the system. Generally, this a problem for manufacturing and processing plants who utilize conveyors, chutes, and hoppers, such as coal mines, quarries, cement manufacturers, mining facilities, and power plants. Coal, sand, cement, ores, and mined products require a materials handling system that takes into consideration very cold weather and a strategy to prevent flash freezing.

FRP heater for freeze prevention
FRP heaters installed
(click for larger view)
An excellent solution to this problem are electric FRP heating panels, a waterproof, dust tight, and vibration resistant heater. FRP heaters are designed to be used in the rugged landscapes where they are required and are very strong and corrosion resistant. They are available with FM approval for use in hazardous areas and are easily customized to conform in shapes and size to virtually and chute or hopper. Furthermore, they are lightweight, can be applied to flat or curved surfaces, and are very easy to install and maintain.

Flash Freeze Animation