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Industrial Heat Treatment Furnaces, Big and Small

Here at Hotfoil-EHS, we are capable of building furnaces of many sizes, big and small. From small, low-throughput furnaces, to much larger high yield furnaces, to rail-driven furnaces designed to move back and forth over the materials being heated, Hotfoil-EHS Design Engineers and Fabrication Shop has done it all. Gas or electric, Hotfoil-EHS has the experience to build a custom furnace to your exact specification.  If you can think it, we can build it!


Electric Heating 101: Ohms Law

The most basic circuit involves a single resistor and a source of electric potential or voltage. Electrons flow through the circuit producing a current of electricity. The resistance, voltage, and current are related to one another by Ohm's law, as shown in the figure. If we denote the resistance by R, the current by i, and the voltage by V, then Ohm's law states that:

V = i R

Resistance is a circuit property that offers opposition to the flow of electrons through a wire. It is analogous to friction in a mechanical system. The resistance is measured in ohms and depends on the geometry of the resistor and the material used in the resistor.

Other manipulations of Ohms Law: