Powder Coating Services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Powder coating is a dry finishing technique that applies to a wide range of metal items. While curing in a high-temperature oven, a dry mixture of resins, pigments, and fillers melt and fuse to form a solid covering. Powder coating provides a superior surface while also adding features like corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and resistance to other extreme weather conditions.  

Hotfoil-EHS powder coatings provide our customers with exceptional quality in powder coating anything they desire using dry-powder, electrostatic coating methods.   

POWDER COATING CAN APPLY TO ALMOST ANY METAL - Car/plane/boat parts, industrial parts, metal doors and cabinets, wheels, and patio furniture.  

Hotfoil-EHS, located in Hamilton, NJ, conveniently serves the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware region but will help any customer in the USA as long as logistic and shipping costs make sense.  

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Memorial Day: A day to remember and honor those who served our nation and are no longer with us.

Memorial Day 2021

"They fought together as brothers-in-arms. They died together and now they sleep side by side. To them we have a solemn obligation." — Admiral Chester A. Nimitz

Aftek EHS Transformers for Heat Treatment, Welding Machines and Power Consoles

Aftek EHS, a business group under Hotfoil-EHS, designs and manufactures electrical transformers used in heat treating, welding machines, power consoles, and other industrial applications. Aftek transformers regulate amperage and voltage and convert the AC source to a suitable current for welding and heating. Aftek also manufactures step-up transformers that convert 208, 3 phase to 480 volt 3 phase for machine operation in facilities without access to 480-volt power. All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

For more information about Aftek transformers, contact Hotfoil-EHS. Call them at +1 609-588-0900 or visit their website at https://hotfoilehs.com/transformers.

Merry Christmas from Hotfoil-EHS


Merry Christmas from Hotfoil-EHS

Thermocouple Attachment Units Save Time and Money

Thermocouple Attachment Units

Always find yourself buying pre-made thermocouples? Do you have a hard time identifying the quick and easy ways to go about attaching studs or pins to a target structure? It sounds like you need a thermocouple attachment unit. The TAU will save time and money and allow you the control to fabricate these products when and where you need them.

The Hotfoil-EHS Thermocouple Attachment Unit (TAU) allows the capacitive discharge method to connect thermocouples to a workpiece directly. 

This productivity tool offers high integrity welded bonds that provides secure and precise temperature control and documentation by reducing the possibility of costly rework due to thermocouples breaking off during the heat treatment process. Thermocouple attachment units offer a very convenient and economical method of forming and attaching thermocouple sensing wires, studs, and pins where and when you need them. 

A unique automatic operation function of the Hotfoil-EHS TAU overcomes difficulties associated with manual attachment units that require both hands to work.  When operating at high levels or inaccessible areas, Hotfoil-EHS's TAU needs only one hand to use, a significant safety feature.